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  • Need Your Prayers

    Please pray for me. My job hours have been cut back, no benefits and bad working conditions. Please pray that the Lord would open the door for a good full time job with benefits and day hours. I am desperate and I need a miracle! Thanks John

  • Please Pray For A Breakthrough

    Please pray for my family-my husband is in an ongoing affair with his employee at his Christian work and she is divorcing her husband for him and he's divorcing me for her. Our divorce may be finalized within a week. Please pray that he has a mighty encounter with God and that he's finally remorseful, humbled, his affair ends for good, that he wants his family back & that his Christian friends, church and CEO all stop condoning his sin. Pray too for healing & guidance for my children & I.

  • prayer

    Pray for me
    I'm nervous about the fall
    I am hurt
    of aspberger and post traumatic stress
    Pray that I will hear the voice of God
    about me
    gets inner healing
    that LE and ES understand me
    Pray that LE answers me I am afraid I have written something
    that I didn't feel left out
    Ask that ES will meet me alone soon
    so we can talk together
    Ask for me to sit on the ES
    to Encoenter
    and that it won't be expensive
    Request that TSP and GH come to encounter
    Pray that God's love is between me and my friends
    Pray that I will be a great help for ES when she is going to wash
    she must move
    Pray that I get the chance to get to know ES well
    Pray that what makes me feel left out will be stopped
    about that ES lives at Fauske as long as I live there
    Pray for God's will between TG and me
    Pray for God's will for the summer
    Pray that the curse in my family will be broken
    Ask for Mum Dad
    stepfather siblings and aunt children give their lives to Jesus
    Ask that I can drive alone with ES to Levanger next week and that we can stop at Mo to meet other friends of mine
    that I get to talk to KE and MA someday
    Pray that ES and LR will not love each other more than me

  • Prayer request

    Please pray that God bless ME to see many more birthdays on December 9th pray that my life don't be cut short pray that God keep me safe always