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  • Marriage

    Please prayer for me I want to marry with my desirable person thanks

  • Prayer for Grace

    I need God's grace for the journey ahead so as to remain focus on God.

  • healing

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

    - I would like to ask for prayers to find a job and pass a librarian competition this year. May the Lord help me to be as productive as possible, to have the best methods. I also pray to earn more money and thus experience

    a certain financial stability, even a new job. That I can revise without stress, make files, as effectively as possible, without bad humor. May he work miracles, healings and wonders! That we have more money for our

    doctor's fees, repa

  • Protection

    Protection and help in time of need

    1. Barbara

      I am praying for your protection & help in time of need! God is your Refuge & your Strength!